For over a decade, Ms. Schroeder zealously represented thousands of children who were the subject of neglect and/or abuse.  Ms. Schroeder advocated on behalf of the children, their caretakers, and their families as she worked with the court and opposing counsel for the best outcome for the children.


Ms. Schroeder is a certified Child Welfare Law Expert recognized for her experience and excellence in this field of law by the National Association for the Counsel of Children.  Her passionate advocacy remains steadfast as Ms. Schroeder remains committed to representing foster children in her practice.

De Facto

Caregivers or relatives who take care of the children of foster care do not, generally, have standing to address the court or to be heard in the critical decision making that effects the child they are caring for and whom they love. With her knowledge of the system and the law, Ms. Schroeder will assist caregivers in filing the appropriate documents to have “a seat at the table.”  Once de facto status is achieved, Ms. Schroeder will work tirelessly to ensure that the caregiver’s voice, and position regarding the child, is heard by the court and is considered in the integral decision making process for the child.


Ms. Schroeder is an experienced appellate attorney in the area of dependency law.  She has filed numerous appeals on behalf of children and parents.  Ms. Schroeder is an expert in the area of dependency and has trained 100+ attorneys on the intricacies of the Welfare and Institutions Code, the Rules of Evidence, the California Rules of Civil Procedure, seminal cases, and current, relevant case law.



Ms. Schroeder’s experience in the practice of dependency and stellar reputation in the Children’s Court make her an exceptional advocate for parents and families.  Her zealous advocacy and expertise will result in the best outcomes possible in the court room, while her affable and compassionate demeanor will help parents navigate the often overwhelming complexities of the foster care system.

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