The Law Offices of Lori Schroeder Focuses on Family Formation and Advocacy



The Law Offices of Lori Schroeder works with prospective adoptive parents as well as birth parents throughout the adoptive process.  Ms. Schroeder will utilize her understanding of the emotional impact of adoption and combine it with exceptional legal skills to make the process as smooth a transition as possible.


The most common type of adoption, stepparent adoption, allows the partner of a child’s birth parent to legally adopt that child.  At the Law Offices of Lori Schroeder, we pride ourselves in affording rights to the loved ones in a child’s life who are most involved with parenting the child.


Ms. Schroeder is a skilled trial attorney who understands the complexities of litigation in the courtroom as well as the emotional impact of litigation on those fighting for the child.  Ms. Schroeder is always accessible to her clients and will represent the natural parent or the prospective parent with exceptional advocacy.


Ms. Schroeder has over ten years of experience representing thousands of children in foster care.  Ms. Schroeder will happily finalize your foster care adoption for a nominal fee so that you and your family can move past the often arduous but rewarding process of dependency.


A surrogacy arrangement is the carrying of a pregnancy by a birth mother for the intended parents.  At the Law Offices of Lori Schroeder, we combine legal skill with our base of compassion and commitment to your family.  We provide exceptional representation to egg donors, surrogates, and intended parents to ensure legal security as they embark on the emotional journey of family formation.

DEPENDENCY (Foster Care)

Tens of thousands of children are in foster care in Los Angeles County.  Those who love and care for those children are in need of exceptional advocacy in order to achieve the best possible legal outcome.  At the Law Offices of Lori Schroeder, we are committed to providing expert advocacy to caregivers, relatives, parents, and de facto parents in dependency proceeds.


A guardianship offers legal security to a child being loved and cared for by an adult who is not their parent.  The care provider who obtains guardianship will have the legal authority to enroll the child in school, make medical decisions, and determine a schedule of visitation for other family members when needed.  At the Law Offices of Lori Schroeder, we are experienced in handling guardianships of a child in probate and juvenile court.  We are sensitive to the familial intricacies that often accompany guardianships and we will work hard to make the process as smooth as possible.

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